you'll be cool and the squares will drool

man in bear suit or bear in man suit?

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this girl i used to be friends with is getting married and her cover picture is her and her husband in a field holding the american flag





Remember when Romney lost the election so somebody created White People Mourning Romney and collected various people crying over Romney’s loss

Still so funny.

Lmaoo seeing white tears is like Christmas, my birthday, chipotle, and good sex all in one

All republicans look evil and BASIC

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My Son

I wonder if I make any sense when I talk or if I’m just becoming a babbling idiot

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"You can’t just go around wearing cloaks"

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I fought the law, Olivia Locher

Woah I think you’re straight up famous now

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We herd she gave it a 9.11


We herd she gave it a 9.11

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Occasionally over the last few years I would write things on this blog that I was proud of, things I had thought through and felt good about and hoped would resonate with somebody - you - and I was sometimes successful, even, but now I’ll just tell you that Duncan Sheik’s oeuvre is unbelievably huge. There are so many Duncan Sheik songs. I thought there was just the one! I hope I never get over it.

SOM is back at it again

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Last night i had this girl come up to me who I didn’t know other than having seen a few times, whisper ‘I want to kill you’ in my ear, then say ‘move along now’. I confronted her outside while I was smoking about it and asked her why, I guess I worked with her friend who thought I was a dick (IMAGINE THAT) and she told her not to like me. And that’s that. When I actually talked to her she was like ‘oh now I feel really bad because you’re actually pretty nice’ but was then rude to me again and we left it at that. Is it just me or is that some pretty childish behavior?